Utility Verification by Excavation

PAS128 Type A Survey


Tier 1 Contractor



Client requirement was for a new heavy vehicle access across the verge of busy main road.

Survey Brief

In discussion with the client it was proposed that the best solution would be a PAS128 Type A survey. As can be seen from the survey discussion document, the Type A survey is the highest quality survey, and involves excavation to expose and verify the position of the services.

Type B Survey

As required by the PAS128 specification, a Type B survey of the area was carried out using GPR and EML technologies. Quality Level B2 was aimed for, as excavation would better position any located service in due course. This identified a number of services running along the verge, as shown below.

Hand Excavation

To complete the Type A survey, 2 No trenches, positioned as shown, were dug by hand to locate and fully position the services. Here is a cross section through one of the trenches:


Image of the exposed services.


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