Founded in 1979, Warner Surveys (WS) is one of the UK’s leading land and engineering surveying consultants. Warner Surveys Utility Mapping Ltd (WSUML) was established in Jan 2019 to expand on existing WS utility mapping workload.

Quality & Communication

We aim to provide a consistent cost-effective service to support our clients with all their utility mapping related requirements.

State of the Art Survey Equipment

Our equipment is chosen specifically for the tasks at hand. We utilise a range of techniques and state of the art technology to ensure that every project is carried out with precision, accuracy and with the most cost effective and safe survey solution.

Survey Heritage & Accreditations

All Warner Surveys Utility Mapping Ltd Directors are Fellows or Members of the Chartered Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors as well as directors of Warner Surveys. Established in 1979, this brings 40+ years of Warner Surveys heritage to the utility sector.

Investment in Local People

We recruit locally and respect and value our colleagues for who they are and for their knowledge, which reflects our commitment to recruit the best professionals in the sector and providing constant training and career opportunities and growth.