Desktop Utility Record Searches

Desktop Utility Record Search (PAS128 Survey Type D)

Undertaking a thorough search and review of statutory utility record data prior to any further utility survey works is best practice, mandatory for PAS128 surveys, compliant with HSG47, and regarded as essential for any works in public areas.

Our basic search includes obtaining plans from gas, electric, water & sewer providers, and BT, cable/fibre companies & oil/gas pipelines information.

There are further options for a more comprehensive search including contacting Independent Utilities who have localised networks connected to the main distribution network and UXO searches.

What is included within the pack?

  • Delivered as a PDF report
  • List of utility providers contacted
  • Image showing the area covered by the search
  • Bookmarked by utility for easy reading
  • Includes any safety notes and information provided by the utility company
  • Includes nil responses where applicable for peace of mind
  • Each report is quality checked prior to delivery

Additional Services – Please contact us for more information

  • CAD Pack – We can combine all the utility drawings onto one CAD drawing with OS background mapping. The drawing will be provided in DWG format. You can supply the background OS mapping as a DWG file yourselves or we can supply it at cost.
  • Smart PDF – Our “Smart PDF” will provide you with a PDF drawing of your location plan (with full background mapping) showing all the different utilities you have ordered. The utilities will be colour-coded for ease of viewing and you will be able to turn the different utility layers on and off as you require via a simple key mechanism.

Case Studies:

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